About This We'll Defend

This We'll Defend® is an American clothing brand that believes in Defending our Country, Honoring our Military, Protecting our Flag, and Fighting for our Second Amendment rights.

"This We'll Defend" was originally the motto of the War Office of the United States of America and was established in 1778, after the American revolutionary war.


In the seal is a rattlesnake holding a scroll with "This We'll Defend" emblazoned on it. The rattlesnake, a symbol of America during the revolutionary war, even adorned many colonial flags.

Founding father, Benjamin Franklin even recommended the national symbol of America to be a rattlesnake instead of the bald eagle, due to it's vigilant nature and its unwillingness to attack unless provoked. 

Today, This We'll Defend® is an American brand for all who considers themselves patriots and defenders of freedom.




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